Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why visit the Hungarian Parliament Building?

Because it is an unique historic and artistic expression, which mixes neoclassic, renaissance and baroque styles in a unique way. It is an alternative for every visitor to Budapest which cannot be missed.

Who can visit the Hungarian Parliament Building?

Any person can visit, with the previous purchase of official entries.

What prices are the entries?

Starting from 2024, the prices on our website are:

  • Discount tickets for European Union citizens: € 25
  • Tickets for students of the European Union (aged between 6 and 24): € 15
  • Tickets for non-EU citizens: € 30
  • Non-EU student tickets (aged between 6 and 24): € 20
  • Free tickets for visitors under the age of 6

How much time in advance can I purchase the tickets?

You can purchase the tickets up to 3-6 months in advance.

Where can you purchase the tickets?

Here itself, on the main page where it says “Buy Tickets� using any international banking credit card. You can choose the language of the guided tour and the hour that is most convenient.

After finalising the order, how will I receive the tickets?

The tickets will be sent, within a few hours, to the email that you entered in the purchasing process.

What does an entry ticket include?

It includes the right to enter the permitted zones of the Parliament Building and to a guided tour in the chosen language.

Once in Budapest, how can I get to Parliament?

The Hungarian Parliament Building is alongside the Danube River, an area which can be reached by walking between 10 and 15 minutes from the Chain Bridge. You can arrive by public transport to the “Kossus Lajos square� by taking the red metro line and stopping at “Kossuth Lajos tér�, or even better the tram stop number 2 “Kossuth Lajos tér�. Remember that the entrance to the Hungarian Parliament is not found alongside the river Danube, but on the other side. Address: 1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3.

What are the opening hours?

There is general availability from Monday to Sunday.

How much time before the admission must I be present at the Parliament entrance?

In general it is okay to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before. However, it is important to take into consideration that normally there is a queue, which enters the building in accordance with the timetable. Therefore, it is important to arrive with enough time to be at the end of the queue which corresponds to the time of the guided tour that you are going to take. This is because upon admission, the group of people on your tour will not be able to wait for you in any case of arriving late.

How long does a guided tour last?

It lasts around 45 minutes, including the security checks.

What are the areas of Parliament included in the tour?

During the guided tour, the visitors can get to know: The Main Staircase, The Great Hall of the Cupola, The Holy Crown and the Jewels of the Hungarian Coronation, the Hall of the Old Chamber of los Lores and the Hall of Sessions of the High Chamber.

Can changes occur at the last moment in the recently mentioned route or in the duration of a guided tour?

Yes, they can shorten the visits in the case that a protocol event of the State or of the Hungarian National Assembly occurs. Also, in extreme cases, they can be cancelled immediately before the start.

Are there exceptions during the year where Parliament remains closed or doesn’t allow visits?

Yes. There are no guided tours on the national holidays of 15th March, 20th August and 23rd October. Also, on the 1st January, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, 1st May, 1st November, 24th, 25th and 26th December there are no visits either.

Can you visit Parliament during the days where there are Plenary Sessions?

Yes, but it reduces the amount of visits allowed per day. The first day of the week, the observing admission of a Plenary Session is between 8.00 am and 10.00 am.

What is the current point of entry upon visiting the Hungarian Parliament Building?

From 2015, the newly inaugurated Visitor Centre is from where the groups depart for the visit.

Do they ask for any documents upon entering Parliament?

Yes. Security Control at the entrance requires that you show an official document that proves your nationality. Secondly, for rights to discounts, they ask for proof of eligibility for this.

Are there any restrictions in regards to what you allowed to take with you into Parliament?

Yes. In general we request that you don’t take big bags, nor any object that can cause personal damages, such as: pen knifes, knifes, scissors, aerosols etc. Also, of course, it is prohibited to enter with any type of explosive, ammunition, weapons and pyrotechnic devices.

Can people with physical or mental disability enter?

Yes. The Hungarian Parliament Building allows the entrance of people with disabilities, but it is important to be accompanied. You can request special assistance from the employees in the registry at the entrance door.

Can animals enter?

The Hungarian Parliament Building only allows guide dogs to enter the building. No other animals can enter.

Can you take photos during the tour?

You can take photos or videos in the areas of Parliament, with the important exception of the Great Hall of the Cupola. This is in order to protect the Holy Crown.

Are there any other details that I must know about visiting the Hungarian Parliament?

Yes. Inside Parliament and adjacent areas, there are no toilets or lockers for visitors. Furthermore, there are no areas available for parking cars/vehicles in front of the Parliament Building. If the climate is difficult you can wait in the entrance hall of the Museum of Ethnography.