Information about the guided tours of the Hungarian Parliament Building

During the weeks when Parliament is in session, the Building can only be visited in moderate frequency, the admission to the Plenary Session on the first day of the week is between 08.00 and 10.00 hours. On national holidays, 15th March, 20th August and 23rd October – there are no guided tours. During the following dates there are no visits to Parliament: 1st January, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, 1st May, 1st November, 24th and 26th December.

A visit to Parliament can only be carried out through organised groups.

A guided tour lasts approximately 45 minutes, including security control.

The areas of Parliament that can be visited during the guided tour are the following:

  • The Main Staircase
  • The Great Hall of the Cupola
  • The Holy Crown and the Jewels of the Hungarian Coronation
  • The Hall of the Old Chamber of los Lores and the Hall of Sessions of the High Chamber

Please, have in mind that this route can be altered or shortened due to any protocol event of State than could occur.

Security Requirements

We inform you that upon entering the Parliament Building, the guards of the place will perform a security check. If you refuse to go through this check, the guard can deny you entry into the building. Have in mind that you must not take large bags, packages or other objects that can cause personal damage, such as: pen knifes, knifes, aerosols, etc. Please have in mind that carrying with you or in your belongings, a knife with a blade measuring more than 8cm or a gas spray, is against the law and can result in prosecution. Entering the building with any weapons, ammunition, explosives or pyrotechnical devices is also prohibited.

Important information

  • Upon entering Parliament, we kindly request you to show documents of nationality and proof of eligibility for any type of discounts.
  • The entry tickets can be bought on our web page with a banking credit card.
  • There are no changing rooms or lockers to leave luggage in the building.
  • Unfortunately, there are no rest areas or restrooms available to visitors.
  • Due to events of the Hungarian National Assembly or protocol events of State, a visit can be cancelled even immediately before the admission.
  • There is no possibility of parking cars/vehicles in the entrance of the hall of the Ethnography Museum.

Relevant Additional Information

People with physical or mental disability are also welcome to visit the Parliament Building. Please, request special help from our employees in the registry or the entrance door. Apart from guide dogs, the entrance of any type of animal into the building is not permitted.

In order to protect the Holy Crown, the taking of photographs in the Great Hall of the Cupola is strictly prohibited. However, it is permitted to take photographs or use video cameras in other areas of Parliament.